1. The Colbert Report: Intro Teaser Screenshot

    The Colbert Report: Intro Teaser Screenshot

    The Colbert Report 2012-10-09: Intro Teaser Screenshot
  2. Sleeper

    comedian Louis Katz mentioned Morrissey in one of his jokes

    I was reviewing Louis Katz's Comedy Central digital-only album, If These Balls Could Talk, which was released a few weeks ago. Anyway, I noticed Katz mentioned Morrissey in his "Pride" joke: "gayer than a gerbo named Morrissey". You can hear it for yourself, on the third track here...
  3. nightingale+therose

    The art of 'the subtle put-down'

    Some people can say something off the cuff that makes you feel all warm and cosy.... untill you read the subtext. The art of getting away with disparaging comments is subtle... if you're a practicing artist, please share your skills. I'm no master so I'll begin with a plagerised example: Many...
  4. nightingale+therose

    Spinechillers: Goths...ooooh spooky!

    This is a on off 'spinechiller' shown by the BBC a few years ago.:p The conversations "Are you a goth", "No, more of an industrialist!" are hillarious.:lbf: Anyway, enjoy this, it's mighty funny! ;) (sponsored by The Fields of The Nephilim & Bauhaus me thinks!:squiffy:) part 1 part...
  5. nightingale+therose

    Share your great quotes from exceptional films

    Go on, go on, go on, share your favourite quotes and catchphrases from films and TV programmes..... you know you want to...
  6. nightingale+therose

    What's your favourite funny song?

    What's your favourite comedy/funny song? doesn't have to be deliberately comedic:p Go on, tell me;) you know you want to.....
  7. vicarinatutugal

    The Official Russell Brand thread

    I know we had a thread on general, but I think it is time we had an official one here since there are a lot of Russell fans here as well. So this is it. (did we have one before? ah well this one will be much better if we did) Anything Russell Brand related can go here. :)
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