1. mozmic_dancer

    NPR Reviews Morrissey: Autobiography

    Lengthly review from National Public Radio here: "Loving Morrissey The Way We Used To, Despite Lacerating 'Autobiography" - NPR by BARRY WALTERS January 09, 2014 8:00 AM There's plenty of cruelty in the British songwriter's book, but he's unreservedly bighearted toward his favorite films...
  2. A

    Plagiarize or Take On Loan

    The site "It May All End Tomorrow" used to keep a list of sources where Morrissey nicked his lyrics. Have any lyricspost-Maladjusted (which is about when I think it stopped) sounded oddly familiar to anybody?
  3. T

    Blender Apologizes to Morrissey

    Full disclosure: I work at Blender, if that matters, but the fact is Morrissey belongs on that list, and now is on it. Apology is here: "For reasons we can hardly explain without legal counsel...
  4. vicarinatutugal

    The Official Russell Brand thread

    I know we had a thread on general, but I think it is time we had an official one here since there are a lot of Russell fans here as well. So this is it. (did we have one before? ah well this one will be much better if we did) Anything Russell Brand related can go here. :)
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