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  1. Similar2Sunday

    London / LA popup info - exclusives, signed albums, "LIHS experiences" - Official FB

    Morrissey Official fb page posted that signed albums will be for sale at the pop-up shops. As well as “experiences.” Morrissey Album Launch Pop Up Shops in London & Los Angeles featuring exclusive merchandise ranges, signed albums and Low In High School experiences during 17th Nov, 18th & 19th...
  2. A

    Camden Billboard

    Advertising the album launch and pop-up shop.
  3. davidt

    "Low In High School" reviews (Scotsman, RS AU, Salford Star, triggerfish, SoundOfViolence, nordbuzz)

    "Low In High School" review by Fiona Shepherd (3 of 5 stars) - The Scotsman. Link posted by Famous when dead (original post). "Low In High School" review by Michael Dwyer (3.5 / 5 stars) - Rolling Stone Australia. Link posted by 001 (original post). "Low In High School" review by Ian Leslie -...
  4. Famous when dead

    "I Wish You Lonely" (Instrumental) MP3

    Same poster. Same source. Same thanks. FWD. https://songs.bmg.com/olm/view/playlist/6F4A0A65401996381146A44B9FFF40F9
  5. Famous when dead

    "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage" (Instrumental) MP3

    Shamelessly poached from RF (thank you). Same source as before, https://songs.bmg.com/olm/view/playlist/D40C50C02B6DA7076061F1D53A54B9DE The song & instrumental. Regards, FWD.
  6. M

    "Low In High School" review by Kevin Harley (3 stars) in Record Collector, The Sun (3 stars)

    Another similar sounding review with praise (generally) for the music and concern about the lyrics (‘the controversy-baiting broadsides grate’). Open your Legs is described as soaring pop, Spent the Day is much better as an album song and ‘mercifully removed from matters political’, ‘Home’ is...
  7. A

    "Low In High School" review by Kevin Holtmann - Plattentests.de (German, 7/10)

    Friede sei mit Dir - Plattentests.de By Kevin Holtmann Google Translate to English Peace be with you (7/10) Yeah, well, "World peace is none of your business" was the title of the last Morrissey record, but he probably does not want to believe it. Hardly a person in the proliferating pop world...
  8. Famous when dead

    Morrissey accuses the haters of being jealous of Israel - Israellycool.com

    Morrissey: Israel haters are just ‘jealous’ of the country - The Jewish Chronicle New Morrissey song 'Israel' openly takes critics of the Jewish state to task - while a second song on his new album makes reference to a Holocaust related theatre production Pop icon Morrissey has accused those...
  9. Famous when dead

    "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage" - sleeve posted on @officialmoz / Twitter

    99 pence at the ready... Regards, FWD. Just noticed the 45rpm...um...that might be a few days off yet 'cause I'm sure it's digital. Cover: By Miron Zownir (1983). https://www.we-heart.com/2015/10/13/miron-zownir-nyc-rip-pogo-books/ An anonymous person also posted: Some more info on the...
  10. danieldwilliams

    New single - "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage"; first play on Jeremy Vine show

    UPDATE Nov. 7: Link to pre-order limited edition 7" (Dec. 8 release date) posted by an anonymous person: Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage / You'll Be Gone (Live) - Norman Records Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s On Stage is the second single to be taken from Morrissey's Low In High...
  11. M

    "Low In High School" review by Wyndham Wallace (4/5 stars) in Classic Pop Mag, Long Live Vinyl

    This news seems to have got lost/buried in another thread but it's pretty significant. It's the 4th proper published review of the album, and it's been given 4 stars. We now have a 2 star (edit, actually 5/10 so would be 2.5 stars), 3 star and two 4 star reviews. This means that the first 2 star...
  12. Famous when dead

    Pro Sound News Europe (via issuu): J.Chiccarelli digital interview re: recording LIHS & Morrissey

    Pro Sound News Europe. A 2 page digital article discussing Morrissey and the recording of LIHS. There were about '20 songs'. He likes Home is a Question Mark and Israel. My Love... was almost cut. Regards, FWD. https://issuu.com/newbayeurope/docs/psne_november_2017_digital/18
  13. davidt

    "Spent The Day In Bed" clear 7" vinyl released (UK, Oct. 27, 2017)

    "Spent The Day In Bed" b/w "Judy Is A Punk" (live) on clear 7" vinyl is out now in the UK. Link from an anonymous person: "Spent The Day In Bed" clear 7" vinyl b/w Judy Is A Punk details (Oct. 27, 2017 release) - Sep. 19, 2017
  14. joe frady

    'I Wish You Lonely' next single...? Update - Official Lyric video posted

    UPDATE Oct. 25: Posted by Famous when dead: The lyric video had resurfaced: Also posted as a single on Spotify: ...if there are indeed such things as 'singles' anymore? about an hour ago í got sent an e-mail update from the MorrisseyVEVO account announcing that they had just uploaded a...
  15. A

    "Low In High School" review by Andrew Perry (4/5 stars) in Q (Dec. 2017)

    'His best since 'Vauxhall and I', and will be known as his Israel album.' Line from 'Israel': "They bitch and moan because they are not like you". Oh dear. Scan posted by 001:
  16. A

    "Low In High School" review by Pat Gilbert (3 stars) in Mojo

  17. M

    "Low In High School" review by Stephen Troussé in Uncut (5/10, Dec. 2017)

    Oh dear: “his weakest since Kill Uncle” “the album is often musically splendid...” 5 out of 10 UPDATE Nov. 22, 2017 Link to online version posted by Uncleskinny. Related item: "World Peace..." review by Stephen Troussé in Uncut (8/10, Aug. 2014) - June 21, 2014
  18. BrummieBoy

    "Spent The Day In Bed" official video; London, LA pop-up shops; UK and Europe dates TBA - NME

    Morrissey unveils ‘Spent The Day In Bed’ video starring Joey Barton and announces pop-up shops - NME 'Spend The Day In Camden' Morrissey has unveiled the new video for comeback single ‘Spent The Day In Bed’ starring footballer Joey Barton. He’s also announced details of special pop-up shops...
  19. A

    "Low In High School" reviews (first on French site Gonzaï)

    Chronique non autorisée du « Low In High School » de Morrissey - Gonzaï It's in French, and Google gives a ropey translation. The last paragraph seems to suggest it's either a spoof, or one member of staff has a copy of the album. Any French speakers able to help? Reviews will be added to this...
  20. M

    "Spent The Day In Bed" - enters UK top 40 (airplay)

    UPDATE 13TH OCTOBER - the song is now in the Airplay Top 30 (at #29) 'Spent the Day in Bed' has climbed 279 places up the UK airplay chart to 34 over the last week (Oct 5th to 11th). His first UK top 40 since 'I'm throwing my arms around Paris'. This rapid ascent is due to the Radio 2 A-list to...
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