1. C

    About Ketamine Sun and her complaints about ratings

    I'm asking everyone to rate her posts off topic, troll, redundant, or just "don't like" since she has hijacked many threads to whine about the ratings and then uses them herself.
  2. I

    Jonathan Ross quits BBC

    By Sherna Noah, Press Association Thursday, 7 January 2010 Jonathan Ross is quitting the BBC, he said today. The controversial broadcaster is leaving after 13 years at the Corporation. Ross has been one of the biggest faces at the BBC, with his Friday night chat show, his...
  3. ADAM

    Why is there no boot of 10/26/07 @ Hammertoe Ballroom?

    Of all the shows, of all the nights... that one is the one that just HAS to be missing. (I got the mic that night, damn it!) I faithfully/dutifully put up the Atlanta/Chastain show (which turned out to be a hysterical show). I've waited, and now I'm just going to beg. The 11/19/07 Alabama...
  4. Vauxhall95

    Dogs cannot use condoms but...

    Stray dogs in India's financial capital, Mumbai (Bombay) should be sterilised not killed, says former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. Animal lover Ms Anderson intervened on the dogs' behalf in a letter to the city authorities. "Dogs cannot use condoms but... they can be 'fixed' painlessly,"...
  5. Theo

    Debunking medical myths: Did you know these are not true?

    The Freakonomics blog has posted a year-end clearance of medical myths: I believed some of these myths to be true. Shows ya just how much bullshit is floating around out there, some of which even doctors believe. Myths, Part One: Myths, Part Two Hospitals totally seem to...
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