1. Famous when dead

    TTY - Mexico tour dates confirmed (4 venues)

    MORRISSEY Mexico / tour dates confirmed - 8 February 2017 Wednesday March 29 MONTERREY / Teatro Banamex Friday March 31 MEXICO CITY / Sports Palace Saturday April 1 GUADALAJARA / Roxy Festival Tuesday April 4 PUEBLA / BUAP Complex Regards, FWD.
  2. Vithoven

    CONFIRMED - TTY: Morrissey to play Roxy Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico (Apr. 1, 2017)

    Also on Morrissey in Guadalajara - 1 February 2017 Morrissey will headline the Roxy Festival in Guadalajara (Mexico) on April 1st. This is not America photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner. Posted by an anonymous person (original post): Check out @UrBeat_com's...
  3. danieldwilliams

    New tour possible setlists? More of the same or a change?

    Anyone care to throw possible setlist ideas out there for the upcoming few dates, reckon it'll be a continuation of the previous tour's setlists, or a relatively new one?
  4. brasilia_morrissey


  5. Sao_Paulo_Teatro_Renault


  6. budapest


    Photo: mriopls
  7. Movistar Arena

    Movistar Arena

    Poster Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile, source:
  8. danieldwilliams

    Future setlist changes - September dates?

    Anyone thinking there'll be some more setlist changes before the concerts in England? Like someone has mentioned, different style posters have been produced for the Sep+ dates than the current yellow shirt ones. Does this mean the WP tour is over? Does this mean set changes? Or does this...
  9. J

    Concert in Chile

    In Chile and Latin America we are patiently waiting for the concert dates. When we have news? Thank You! JJ
  10. A

    Selling 1 Madison Square Garden GA ticket at face value

    I'm selling one hard ticket for GA west 2 for $170 for this Saturday, June 27. Please PM me to arrange pick up.
  11. G

    Vivien Glass

    Hello Morrissey fans! I adore Morrissey, he really means everything to me and is the reason I am vegan. I thought I would come here to share my band with you, I really would like to know what you think. I play the drums and sing the harmonies in an electronic 3 piece from London and we...
  12. Raised To Wait

    Belfast - pre / post show events?

    Anyone know if there's anything / anywhere planned for before or after the Belfast show?
  13. Morrissey in Bournemouth, March 14 2015

    Morrissey in Bournemouth, March 14 2015

    True To You 15 March 2015: "Bournemouth International Center. Photographer unknown."
  14. S

    2015 Tour Merch on Mporium UK

    There are some nice new items up today, new "Be Kind" totes and mugs, Bullfighter tee (with Refusal style lettering), and new Hoodie with 59 and Morrissey side profile badges...good stuff actually.
  15. morrissey_barcelona_date_29_april_2015


    Morrissey Barcelona Poster 29 April 2015
  16. M

    Morrissey Original Tour Poster in San Francisco for £75 ~ 113$ ~ 95€

    50% Discount Original Morrissey Promo Poster of the concert in San Francisco in 2007 Tour Ringleaders Of The Tormentors, at The Fillmore. Now £75 ~ 113$ ~ 95€ at Approx.Size: 33cm x 48cm. High Quality Thick Paper
  17. B

    WANTED: Front Rows Baltimore/PIT Hershey

    Greetings all, Just signed up for an account to ask for some help with tickets. I'm looking for 2 Row B/C for Baltimore, and 2 PIT seats for Hershey. Would definitely prefer physical or ticketmaster transfer. Please let me know the row/seat and your price. Thanks very much!
  18. S

    Chicago, IL Tour Date 6-13

    :squiffy:anyone hear of the possibility of a meet and greet for the Chicago date??:D
  19. vivaxhate

    Selling an XL Edith Sitwell 1991 shirt

    Hi, I have an XL Edith Sitwell shirt I'm looking to sell. I've had it for years but I don't get much wear out of it so I figure it's time to let it go. This shirt is from the 1991 Kill Uncle tour and this version of this shirt was apparently only sold one night. From passions just like mine...
  20. S

    June 13th Civic Opera House Chicago date

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of possible meet and greet opportunities for this date. Even known time tables of when he'll show up for practice and which side of the building he'll be at. This is my first moz concert so i'd love to meet him :)
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