Anna Calvi to support Morrissey (London, Belgium, more?)

UPDATE Sep. 5:

Kewpie posted the link:

@annacalvi / Twitter:

Anna Calvi will be supporting Morrissey in Berlin, Essen, Antwerp, London and Dublin. Info:


A while back, someone started an Anna Calvi thread and suggested her as a Morrissey opener...

@gigsandtours / Twitter:
ANNOUNCE// @annacalvi confirmed to support #Morrissey at his only UK show @TheO2 on 29th Nov:

posted by David / Anna Calvi Network forum:

Anna will also be supporting Morrissey on November 26 and 27 at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, Belgium.


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Mozza22559 is going to SHIT! It was her idea! I'm so happy for her!

This is a classy step up from KY that's for damn sure.

Viva Mozza

You're the one for me


Shall we start the sweepstake on the date that they fall out now?


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So are we saying that there is a chance that Moz (or one of his underlings) read the thread and said 'hell I may as well utube this chick and see if she sounds as good as she looks?'. That would be a nice thing to think. I'm sure Moz is busy these days but surely he casts an arched eyebrow over Moz solo from time to time. It is the only website where Moz related news is not stagnant and actually flows, so I am sure he must drag the Moz solo river now and then.
Am I the only one who thinks that Anna Calvi looks a lot like the character Dujour from 'The Matrix'? (she turns up at Neo's door at the start and invites him to the party, she's the one with the white rabbit tattoo on her arm) - see here for a photo:


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Coincidence. She's not unpopular amongst those with good taste.


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Anyways she sounds good but I wish he would bring back SACK. They supported him in 2002 at the Glasgow Barrowlands and that was an amazing concert. I think they supported him in Dublin too but I wasn't in Ireland at the time.

Sorry for the crappy link but SACK don't appear much on utube. I don't know if they even exist anymore. Great bunch of lads.


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Finally someone different. Here's hoping he changes openers at least once a year now.


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I like her, and that would be really awesome to see such a fine musician.
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