Any Atlanta fans on here?


aka the former "Seasick"
Hello all,

I've been trying to connect with other Moz fans in my local area for friendship and maybe some concerts. I can't seem to find anyone with my musical tastes, nor admiration for 'you know who'...There must be others out there.

Anyhow, here's to hoping. :)

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lovable loser
I believe no one in particular lives in Atlanta. She's very cool. :cool: it and it's in my blood, literally. :)
Hi!! Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow), CORRISSEY! amazing, I have a nothing but time tonight to look around here and immediately see this thread. Thanks for such nice words, corrissey... you are a gem.

Yes, mozziestar, I am way into moz and am in atlanta (10 years now). Thinking in morrissey-isms all day today after some emotional turmoil with a friend of mine and hoped to get engrossed in some hot debate threads for a diversion. Then find this which is so much better. Will contact you.... :)
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