Any Phillip Boa fans on the forum


Hi all,
was just wondering if there are any Phillip Boa fans active on the forum??
Anyone able to share the Malta tapes with me?? That´s the only release I haven´t been able to get.
Thanks in advance.


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i like him , not a big fan to hunt down i cannot help you sorry.tried a boa forum of some kind?
saw him in concert in flensburg. a few years ago.

ahh good excuse to post some classics



he is known for being quite a "bigmouth",eh?

Hey sista sheila, hope you´re well.
The boa-forum is full of spams, so no luck over there.
He is kind of a bigmouth, right. But we met him recently in a hotel and he was very kind, the exact opposite of what you would expect. His new album Loyalty is awesome, you should give it a try.
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