Asleep Sheet Music for Piano


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Hello all! I'm new to the boards and was wondering if anyone on here would mind sending me the sheet music for Asleep. I have found a few versions scattered about online, but have failed to find one including the small intro at the beginning of the song. Anybody have it?

Thanks very much!



Now I think about it, I'd like a copy of that too :]

I've looked on the internet before but I can't find any at all. Do you think you could send me a link, lukesmannequin? Even without the intro would be pretty good. Ta. :)


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Hope you got your tabs ok.
I just love playing Asleep on keyboard. I have a KORG IS40 which is lovely. I play Asleep whilst listening to the original on Ipod via headphone and it all mergers together in my head whilst playing. Very uplifting


My Heart Goes PiffPafPoff
If you have the means, it would be great to have a slowed down, close-up video tutorial of this song on piano.

...just sayin!!:guitar:

Aw I would have loved to have helped you out on this but I am so shy that 'slowed down and up close', man I would just be a bag of nerves, issuing expletives after every bum note:eek:.. it is such a lovely song to play though..just take your time and enjoy. I play the melody by ear naturally which is an amazing gift to have as I cant read music all that well but I cannot do the same with chords, I don't know why that is, so I have to learn them, which slows me down a bit.. but so many Morrissey or M/Marr tunes are so beautiful that to just attempt them is heaven.:)

To go on a bit ..(insert smilie for yawn).. I was never that great a fan of The Beatles until I tried playing some Lennon/McCartney music and their chord progressions were jsut amazingly simple but stunning and although I am still not that big a fan ( Paul McCartney just annoys me!) it made me appreciate their skills as musicians of their time.
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