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Hi, I have two copies of the German Barbarism 7". It appears that the horizontal line near the bottom of the front cover is different on the two copies. One has the line all one color (with a tiny bit of the other color peeking out on the very right side). And the other seems to be more of a two color line, but this copy does have some sort of sticky residue there so perhaps a sticker or something just damaged part of the cover and discolored the line? I don't think that's the case though. Does anyone know if there are different variations of this cover as far as this line goes? What does anyone else's look like? Hopefully I will attach this picture correctly which will make it more clear what I'm talking about. Thanks!


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First question that comes up by me is, what is the line doing there anyway in the picture or photograph?
Has there been a text, a sentence initially, which was later clumsily covered and one of the 2 copies was a later example where during the printing process "something" went wrong?
And then, which one was the first?
I am a bit intrigued too and hope some really dedicated and research-focused Moz-fans, of which there are plenty here, are able to provide a satisfying answer! :thumb:

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That's exactly what happens when the sticker often found on this German pressing is removed.
What you see is damage to the paper sleeve caused by the removal of the sticker.



Ah, so it was damage by sticker removal. Just wanted to see if I had two different ones to keep in the collection as different variations. But I guess not. I have had a damaged one all these years without knowing it. The new one I just got is the one in better condition then. Thanks for the answer!
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