Best Morrissey album of the decade

Which is the best Morrissey album of the decade, 2000-2009?

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Maurice E

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Yes, yet another poll - sorry! But I think this one is worth doing.
Along with the three studio albums, I'm including Swords as, unlike other recent compilations, a) all its songs were originally released this decade and b) none of them is on the other albums.
Please bear in mind that you're assessing the original Quarry album (i.e. not the Platinum version with the extra b-sides).
Also, multiple voting allowed but the more you vote for, the less impact it has on the scores, so I'd suggest a maximum of two.


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Ringleader has slowly but surely begun to really do it for me. More than Quarry. Some time around September this year, it reached the number one position.


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Quarry has generally superior songs but Ringleader edges it because it works very, very well as an album. The songs sound like they belong together, and it also starts and ends with two very ambitious and different Morrissey songs - I Will See You In Far Off Places and At Last I Am Born.

Refusal actually works better than Quarry has an album I find, but lyrically - although not bad - doesn't really add anything new to the Morrissey canon.

Swords is an excellent compilation but I don't see it as a proper album so I won't vote for it.


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Swords is an excellent compilation but I don't see it as a proper album so I won't vote for it.

I agree :) - voted for Quarry and refusal - Love them both , can't pick one :lbf:

I also like ringleader, but it's a different album, I tend not to listen to it as much.

Swords has a permanent space on my ipod - love it!! :D
Ringleader. The most mature album, and the most cohesive album. It demands you listen to the whole thing.

Quarry is four good singles and a lot of filler, and Refusal is a few truly great moments, but more that are average.


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I can listen to Years of Refusal all the way through and enjoy it. I only enjoy several songs on You Are the Quarry and Ringleader does absolutely nothing for me.

Refusal it is.


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I hate having to make these decisions, but for me it's a close tie between Ringleader and Refusal.

Virgil Tracy

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What a stupid poll - Ringleaders by a country mile. Everyone knows that!!
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