Boz "writing a new album with Morrissey" according to Adam Ant

Adam Ant has worked with Boz Boorer (intermittently) for [correction - 20] years now. He has co-written the forthcoming album "Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar In Marrying The Gunner's Daughter".

In an exclusive interview with Music Week Adam has announced that Boz hadn't the time to play with Adam at the Under The Bridge gig because...

Boz is working on a new album with Morrissey!!

Don't believe me? Skip to 3:24.

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Brilliant news!!!!

It'll be interesting to see what direction Moz and the boys go in after the "play it loud" energy and excellence of 'Years of Refusal'.

I also wonder what the Alain/Boz/Jesse co-writing split will be?!

While I have been interested in the re-issues (especially 'happy lovers' and 'lifeguard' on Boba Drag) it's great to have some new stuff to look forward to!

Viva Moz!!!!


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Fantastic news, looking forward to more info and the new record itself.

Hopefully we see our Man over in the states late 2011 early 2012~

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I wouldn't exactly call someone who's been in and out of mental rehab a particularly reliable source.

Just sayin'.


adam and the ants were absolutely huge at the start of the eighties,punk was still going on,the unique thing was never seen a group with two sets of show how long ago it was me and my brother went 50 pence each to buy his kings of the wild frontier album.albums were a quid in those days.great days.cut him some slack 9xfined im sure uv travelled the world and sold millions of albums and those days u had to sell 200,000 singles to make number 1 in the charts.


Hopefully the new material is better than Years of Refusal. A real disappointment that one was!

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Life is never kind
Great news!! :thumb:


Bloody Hell.
Morrissey need some NEW blood to write his music. Those to blokes have written all the good songs they are ever going to write.

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When Ant speaks he still sounds pretty young -- I take it he was never much of a smoker and a moderate drinker?


He did not drink,
he did not smoke
what did he do
There must've been something inside

When Ant speaks he still sounds pretty young -- I take it he was never much of a smoker and a moderate drinker?

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