Celebrities lookin' at ass

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Laker girls are talented. Every time there's a commercial at home, they're on the dance floor at the game, they work A LOT! And they're f***ing good too. And have cute asses, it's impossible not to watch them. I technically saw the Clippers girls but same story.


Nobody ever looks at me twice
I wonder who is in charge of hiring the cheerleaders
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My secret's my enzyme.
Not technically ass. Sophia Loren and Jane Mansfield.



My secret's my enzyme.
I wonder if he's hiding his semibone with that shirt. The cheerleaders wear those baggy shirts then take them off and sort of strip and throw them at the crowd.


Justin Playfair

How 'bout John Kerry checkin out teenage girls...

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I wholeheartedly wish John Kerry would've become President in 2005, instead of that idiot George W. Bush. I proudly voted for John Kerry. I proudly voted for a man who served honorably for his country in the horrific Vietnam War. I voted against a man who went completely AWOL from his pathetic duties at an Alabama Air Force base. I proudly voted for John Kerry, a man who had the guts to go to Capitol Hill and tell Congress the truth of what was going on in the clusterf*** of Vietnam. He got "swiftboated," in the election of 2004, by a bunch of cockroaches who were just being played as stooges by the Republican party. f*** each and every single one of them. Good, I'm Glad John Kerry is getting a chance to look at some tits! He deserves to.
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