Considering selling my smiths/Morrissey collection

Hi All, Im reluctantly selling my whole collection which comprises of vinyl, cds, cassettes, laser discs. Its pretty massive, a lot of its still sealed. Lots of promo stuff, japanese promo 12"s, promo vinyl, promo cds, etc etc. Id rather sell as a job lot. Wheres best? I have it all logged into discogs at the moment and it says:
Collection Value:*
Min £5,492.49 Med £9,058.06 Max £13,967.91
That gives an idea of the amount and quality of the items, Im just unsure who to approach for the best. Any help appreciated.


The values above are only based on if its sold on discogs ever. I have a fair bit thats got no price value on there such as the japanese 12" promo of the smiths debut album along with the red flexi. Which bizzarely has no value attributed to it as its never sold on there. Anyway was just after the best way forward without getting skanked.


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Why don't you just put the list up here and have a go?

I have observed that most of those who wish to let go of their collections wish for it to go as a lot. This makes sense of course because its simple and efficient. But I believe in doing so, you must take into account that not *every* item is desired, or more accurately, in demand. As such, selling a lot should not reflect the total sum of all individual items' (perceived or actual) value - at least if you really intend to get someone to purchase the lot!

Sell your collection piecemeal. Get the full value of your individual items and generate interest amongst those of us who collect and value rarities, promos, etc. Then sell your remaining items as a lot at a reasonable cost.

Best of luck!



how can anyone make an offer without knowing what you own?


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Never asked anyone to make any offers??? Just asked for opinions on best place/method. I’m not that stupid...

Any chance of knowing your discogs name so people could have a browse of your collection please? Not even necessarily to purchase, just out of curiosity
It doesnt, its back to the whole list
It’s a bit crap really ain’t it. Ah well I tried...
From a quick google search apparently discogs don’t have a folder view available at present despite a lot of people requesting it. It is only available to view complete collection at the moment.
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