Damon Albarn on Morrissey's politics - NME

Damon Albarn on Morrissey’s support of For Britain: “If you don’t live in the country, then you shouldn’t be dabbling in its politics” - NME


Now, Blur frontman Damon Albarn has had his say on the matter, speaking to Jordan Bassett during an NME interview with The Good, The Bad And The Queen.

“Steven is a complicated soul,” started Albarn, before bandmate and former Clash bassist Paul Simonon asked, “But does he live in England?”

“No, he lives in California,” replied Albarn. “He doesn’t care. He’s just doing it to wind people up.”

Simonon then argued that Morrissey’s time living abroad gave him a warped perception of how life really is in the UK.

“Sometimes if you are away and you don’t live in the country, then you’ve got a misconception of what the reality is from the ground up,” he said. “It’s the same as John Lydon – he’s sort of got to a certain level and he’s [entitled] to his views, but if you don’t live here, your vision of it is in a bubble.”

Albarn then added: “Yeah, I totally agree. You shouldn’t even have an opinion. If you don’t live in the country, then you shouldn’t be dabbling in its politics because to have the sensitivity to understand, you have to live amongst the emotional world of the people as well, not just the idea of something. That’s a long way from reality.

“So I think if you wanna be miserable and English, you’ve gotta be miserable and English. You know – really be it.”

Damon Albarn has a short memory:

Damon Albarn: new Gorillaz album inspired by Trump's election
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Yes. Interesting you don’t hear Morrissey discussing the Latino influence in the USA as a cultural change and the end of “American Culture” (mind, something I don’t believe) - something the right bangs on about endlessly in the USA. Maybe it’s because this is one of his main fan base demographics in the USA??

It's a bit more nuanced than that. The right actually bangs on about the globalist open borders agenda. They are particularly concerned about cultural ideologies that are incompatible with Western culture. Our wonderful neighbors to the south have a lovely family-oriented Catholic culture that integrates quite nicely with that of the U.S., provided that immigration is managed properly.

Moz's L.A. Latino fanbase are largely multi-generational citizens. Many Hispanics in the US regard the border situation and mass immigration to be a problem. Of course the leftist corporate oligarchy tries to omit those voices in order to portray a united front, but it's a farce.

Your "fresh off the boat" border crosser isn't going to have a f***ing clue who Morrissey is. That's not his fan base.


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Utter nonsense from Damon. The truth is that Moz is speaking up for the working class people of England who are being displaced while cheap labour is flooding in. It's people like Damon who are out of touch.


Damon is such a knob is he still on the Horse and Simenon always was the thick one in The Clash :crazy:


What a stupid statement from Damon, for a start Morrissey does spend a lot of time in Altrincham, that is near Manchester for anyone who doesn't know. And also Damon doesn't agree nor refuse,.....yawn....yawn...., totally pointless words from a pretty much pointless person, Blur = Shit.


Seems a reasonable comment. Probably figuring out the convoluted statements and the interpretations they inspire with the person he knows personally and through his music


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At the age of six months, Albarn was a "testing expert" for designs of toys for children including fibreglass furniture and play-structures.

That explains it!
Albarn loves open borders and bashing Trump even though he himself is not a U.S. citizen. And unless i'm missing something Morrissey never stopped being a dual citizen
Dude you got a nice way of flip flopping after that huge post. You and Damon think Morrissey can't speak on England while he has blabbed about politics a ton. Hypocrites. Morrissey can speak on England all he wants and most importantly Moz is speaking truth. Damon is a globalist fool

Yeah glad someone called it out. Damon said his last lame Gorrillaz album was inspired by Trump:rolleyes:
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middle class chump wants to tell working class hero how to think. Who is this dude the thought police? Morrissey is entitled to his opinion. I didn’t realize you forfeited all possible thought upon leaving a country’s shores.

Damon can f*** off. The Gallagher’s ate his lunch in the 90’s. Go bang down some heroin and write a song about a London carnival.

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Touchy, much? Must be the weaponised "victimhood" worked overtime, yet all to no use whatsoever. Once again, we see how the self-styled "defenders of England" stifle and ultimately kill that which they supposedly claim to love. Dear ol' Mozza's very much the aged poster boy for this laughable mindset. He rails against immigration, yet is an immigrant himself presently as well as the product of it, having Irish parents. So laughable and pitiful. So totally him all over.

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lol he's right

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In my opinion, the difference here is that I never knew David Bowie held these opinions because people were talking about his art and not his political opinions.
What is happening is something that is probably thousands of years old but it appears to me to be a trend. It works like this. Someone is interviewed and the interviewer doesn't really have any perception to delve into that person's art so they ask "What do you think about ______?"
This is how Bernard Sumner wound up talking about Morrissey and it's how Morrissey wound up talking about Weinstein and Spacey. I think that the person being interviewed is probably made to feel relaxed and there are probably a number of things discussed, but then the journalist gets to what they know will get some attention.
I don't know if this is because twitter and Facebook have gotten us used to being in each other's business and made people think that their opinions are more important or relevant than they are. Or maybe it's because journalists know this formula will work? As a longtime listener of Morrissey I'm sure that you or I or many people here, or any journalist who actually knows his career or spends some time preparing for an interview, could think of dozens of things to ask and talk about for hours until he told us to gtfo. And I would never think to ask about Kevin Spacey. And I sure wouldn't get him started on immigration because he already said it, we know it, and so what? He doesn't even vote.
Now I have not clicked the link. Maybe Damon Albarn got up that morning and thought "I really have something to say about Morrissey!" (They really should leave John Lydon alone or he might appear out of a puff of smoke and tell everyone that The Clash were bullshit.)

Okay, clicked the link now. It appears to be about nothing but Morrissey. While I doubt Damon Albarn regrets what he said, as it's not really that damning of anyone, I would imagine that he was tricked. The fact that Paul Simonon was there as well would lead me to believe that he probably was publicizing some project and didn't jsut happen to grab Paul and go talk about Morrissey. I imagine that was part of a longer interview that was actually intended to move some product, but outrage over Morrissey seems to get clicks and sell papers.
Okay, now I do not exactly blame the journalists completely. It's not that they should never talk about Morrissey. He is totally responsible for that. It's ironic that Morrissey will ask "Where were the parents" about a 14 year old boy victimized by a serial sex offender, but then when someone asks him a question, with all of his years in the business, we're supposed to feel he is a victim? Where was the publicist?
No, it's Morrissey's fault that he is in this mess to the extent that he is in his right mind.
But the point is most of these people who have commented on it were meeting with a journalist to publicize a record or a tour. They were not trying to set up a campaign to crucify Morrissey. And unless they are all drunk I don't know why they answer these questions. But they probably want to have that access to the press. They probably still think that playing ball with the NME will get them some attention when they tour and maybe help get a better album review. And they don't want to seem like they have something to hide when asked about Morrissey. But I don't think that they go to an interview with the intention of discussing things which really have zero to do with them. It's lazy journalism and I think they just answer the question, usually in very mild terms, not realizing that this is the focus of the article.

Well, I guess Morrissey has just been the easy target these past months. And there are other artists who no longer live in Britain but still comment on or criticize Britain’s culture or its politics, such as Bowie or John Lydon.

And Lydon’s right, the Clash were crap,
especially when it came to punk. For me, their reggae attempts are far more enjoyable.

Anyhow, these days, it’s not about journalism, it’s about scoring clickbait.

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Damon is such a knob is he still on the Horse and Simenon always was the thick one in The Clash :crazy:

yes for sure, AND he was going around for many years with the damned missing tooth making a spectacle of himself everywhere.:straightface: bit gap right in front. if broke :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: can get big new :horseface: teeth so can this knob get his one tooth. but maybe he has in the last few years.:hushed:

i dont know i would talk about someone else or give political advice with a big toothless gap in the mouth.:smirk:

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I love Damon Albarn and Paul Simonon is one of the coolest rock stars in history. In terms of rock aesthetics, he's up there with Keith Richards. Easily the coolest bassist for sure.

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