Death and demise


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Would you ever do it? I think that is there was a way of being sure what awaits you on the other side, people would off themselves in record numbers. I spend a great deal of time pondering death. The finality of it is terrifying, as is the idea that we are all merely flesh, getting older and rotting and so easily destroyed. I think burning would be the absolute worst way to go, almost as bad as hitting the ground at great velocity, but less than, say, bleeding out. Thoughts?

I'm sure this thread will die faster than anticipated, too.
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Re: Death and demise.

Drowning would be pretty glad, I think the best way to go would be in old age dying peacefully in your sleep.

I don't care about dying though, I just just get upset at the thought of the people I love dying.


Re: Death and demise.

Suicide seems very interesting in your 20s. As you get older you get over it.


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Re: Death and demise.

suicide? no, not really, but I have always had been attracted to danger, an adrenaline junkie and eventually an addict and alcoholic :straightface:
so there are other ways to kill oneself, slowly or by just getting into one too many dodgy situations :cool:
the epiphany I had about this is that some part of me is trying to kill me :eek:
and I just have to decide not to let it win, that means watching closely what I put in my body, the people I hang out with and keeping myself busy :guitar:
I find that this keeps me from getting myself in trouble or spending too much time being morbid :crazy:
music helps a lot, of course, the sadder, the better :o

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Re: Death and demise.

When the time comes (hopefully in the considerable future), I would much rather end my life on my own terms rather than forget who I am or become a burden to others, à la Harold and Maude. I personally find the finality of death mildly comforting; the alternative (living eternally) sounds much worse.

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Re: Death and demise.

I only like suicide girls:


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Re: Death and demise.

Suicide seems very interesting in your 20s. As you get older you get over it.

There is only one reason I don't commit suicide and that's because I fear Hell. I don't know if people who commit suicide do go to Hell or not. I hope they don't! I only know the Bible speaks against suicide, and its taking an extremely dangerous chance in actually doing it. The reason I say this is because of the book, "23 Minutes in Hell," where this guy claims that the Lord took him to Hell for 23 minutes to show him how awful it is. Its worse than anything that I ever imagined, times infinity. The first three chapters astounded me, in a horriffic way. I shoud write more to explain the book, but I don't want to. All I know is that this book is the singular reason I'm alive. I don't care what people think in terms of me writing this. I don't care about the moral reasons of suicide in terms of leaving your family and friends, etc., etc. I don't want a shred of sympathy. Sympathy really doesn't help me. Music does! Anyway, I do know I won't commit suicide though because of the first three chapters of the book. Even though I don't like living in this world, it's Infinity times better than Hell. (I used the word infinity twice, but it's the only word that works in this case.) Also I'm not trying to be holier than thou at all. I never go to church, I read the Bible maybe twice a month and hardly ever pray anymore. The good thing is I have little to lose. Very little, which makes me free to do as I wish, like going for walks in windstorms, etc.

My friend Stan feels the same as I do. He said if he gets cancer he won't do anything to combat it. Neither would I. Cancer is horriffic. I watched my Grandma die of cancer. I helped take care of my StepDad when he died of cancer. They were beautiful people, and strong too. I wouldn't do anything to stop it. Neither would Stan.

Anyway, if anyone is thinking about commiting suicide, Don't Do It!!! Read the first three chapters of this book, and then read the rest of the book (I'll put a pic of it below.) Trust me, after you read the first three chapters, the notion of suicide will depart from you forever. I believe this man's story. I loaned this book to four different friends. Two believed his story, and two didn't. I believe it. Plus I like how Jesus Christ walks through Hell without a care in the world. All of the horrendously awful things down there are scared of Him. That is awesome!


"23 Minutes in Hell" by Bill Wiese
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