Did Marr Deserve a Songwriting Co-Credit For The Songs of the Smiths?


Mr Education

This debate can exist only if you accept a distinction between "song" and "track".

For heaven's sake, take Mozzer's wonderful vocal away from "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" and you are left with something that eclipses Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, Oasis, Blur et al in one genial swoop. Johnny Marr is a master.


Agreed. This one of the stupidest threads I've read in a long line of stupid threads. Can everyone now just please be quiet please?

Can't really understand that mentality. Why continue to read it then? Why post? You're not obliged to, you know. There are other threads; other websites; heck, there's even (whisper it)... the real world!


And I watch Home Alone...
johnny marr deserves full songwriting credit for every song except "oscillate wildly" and "money changes everything" and "the draize train." those three are all moz, baby.
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