film 'Avatar' makes people want to kill themselves

I wasn't planning on going to see this film but now that I've heard it's making people depressed and want to kill themselves, I now want to see it to see if it has the same effect on me.

It probably won't though as nothing really gets to me.


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Jeez...It's a MOVIE! There's plenty of real things to be depressed about, including the fact you're sad because a movie isn't real.

I'm blue cuz I haven't seen it yet.


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Yeah after my friend John saw it, he was talking about how depressed he was and etc. I don't want to see it as of now.


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I hated it. After reading reviews, I felt it was my duty to 1) See it and 2) Vastly overanalyse it. Do either of those things, and it's pretty to see all the faults with it.


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I know people were jizzing over how amazing it looked, but the CG stuff still looked to me like it was made on a PS3. Only the characterisation wasn't as deep.
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