From Runcorn to Madrid: Liverpool's epic journey


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Liverpool FC set off this afternoon for one of the most arduous trips in their long European history.
The ongoing flight restrictions caused by the volcanic dust cloud mean the Reds must get to Spain for Thursday night's Europa League semi-final first leg against Atletico Madrid by alternative means than normal as many flight paths across Europe remain closed.

Tuesday 13:04 - The Liverpool squad begin their trek to Madrid from Runcorn

Tues 14:56 Coach transfer to St Pancras from Euston to catch Eurostar to Paris

Tues 19:47 Arrive in Paris for overnight stay

Wednesday 07:10 Liverpool take train from Paris to Bordeaux

Weds 13:30 Liverpool reach their destination, just over 24 hours after leaving Runcorn. Now they just need to win and get back to Burnley by Sunday lunchtime!


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There's a running blog on the LFC website

Oh the highlights...
17:30 - PARIS
And just a minute after he spent six quid we were told anything from the cafe is free if you say you're from Liverpool FC. Ha ha. Craig not impressed.
Posted by Jimmy Rice, Journalist

17:28 - PARIS
I found the cafe on the train - but really wish I hadn't. Six quid for a chicken sandwich and pringles. What a joke.
Posted by Craig Jones, Cameraman​



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You obviously didn't follow the Lucas Leiva tweets:

Before we go I have to pop into Home Bargains for some Apple Tango for the journey. Excited!
Jamie and Stevie were straight into the back seat of the coaches and have taken my Apple Tango.
This is going to be a long journey. Maybe I'll just sit in the toilet. If I get really desperate though theres a seat next to Kyrgiakos.
Screw that, Soto has an industrial sized tub of Houmous. And no bread. Or spoon. Its like a drink to him. He's a monster.
I lent on Sotos chair by accident. Big mistake. Apparently I've 'compromised Olympus'. He's now spouting poetry in Greek with his eyes shut.


Ryans sat by Nabil and so the chair next to Javier is empty. This is my chance. The fans seem to hate this - me 'sitting' next to Mascherano

A nice scouse man referred to me as a 'useless escaped goat'. Must be a regional compliment. Lucas is a happy man.

Got a Galaxy Ripple & a Solero. Ate the Ripple 1st, stupidly. Soto is now saying that anything I lick he has to then lick - Greek tradition.

lessis been in the bog for 45 mins. Apparently he took N'Gogs Nuts magazine in with him. Must be better at wanking than he is at footbal

Damien came out wearing a huge grin. No shit is that good. Stevie squared up to him calling him a 'dirty wanker'. Sammy Lee split them up.

Its all settled down now. Dan Agger has his heavy metal on, Masch is shadow boxing, Dirks doing sit ups asking Rafa to 'watch me, watch me'

Big moment for me this, game of noughts and crosses with Dirk. Rafa has set it up. I see the winner of this gaining the seat next to him.

Dirk calls it 'Zeroesh and Oesh'. He hasn't a clue. Luckily I've got first go, I'm shaking, but I know where my cross is going.

I won. But Rafa didnt offer me the seat. A moral victory to Lucas though, Dirk keeps punching himself in the arm muttering 'sorry boss'.

What a couple of hours. Forgot I had my packed lunch - Dinosaur Meat sandwiches (no crusts) and a packet of Frisps. Forgot my Fruit Shoot.

@parfait_x_amour Steven has told us all he'll never listen to Phil Collins again after that fateful night in Southport.

Jamie did a few prank calls on Phil Neville. Just repeatedly saying 'Ya shit, ya shit lad'. We played the Rizla game - I got Kasey Keller.

Aquilani has hurt himself in the den. Typical. He can't move to get out and because of the sign, none of our physios can go in. Real dilemma

Its a papercut. He's out of Thursdays match. Looks like I'll be playing again. At least I'm not travelling all this way for nothing.

Carra and Stevie sharing headphones listening to some loud Scouse House. Rafa is really drunk now.

Kyrgiakos now sitting with the driver. Telling him that he's 'A carnivore, plain and simple. Only the weak and women eat anything green'

Finally got my seat next to Rafa. Dirk popped for a sneaky piss but I was all over it like, as we say in Brazil, a 'Donkey to a Turbine'

Dirks been giving Rafa wine. I can tell when hes drunk because he stares at me disappointingly saying he wishes he'd got a receipt for me.

"Where's the receipt Lucas. You must have it. There must have been one. Where's the receipt." These words will haunt my dreams

He's singing 'Que Sera' with his arm round my neck. This is just like I imagined it. Dirk is watching on enviously. 1-0 to Leiva.

Cavalieri snoring loudly. He sleeps in his gloves. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen him take his gloves off. What is he hiding.

Off to try and get some sleep now. Nabil 'n Babel still rapping in Dutch and French together. Kyrgiakos sleeping standing up, fists clenched

Few ppl in their pyjamas now. Either NGog has a baseball bat down there or hes one blessed, blessed boy. Jesús Christi its like another arm!


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^^^Is that for real? He's in the wrong profession, unless he's good. Is he any good? He's funny.


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He tells a different story of his journey to the press.

"It's a long time since I did that but when I go to Brazil to play for the national team, it takes 24 hours to get there. You just have to relax. This time we have had plenty of movies, PSP, books and a lot of things to talk about. We have to enjoy it."


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Okay, I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around this and am intrigued by it all and because I'm out of my element it being soccer I don't know if it's a joke or not.


If an American baseball player were to comment on the size of a fellow team players dick, that shit would be PLASTERED all over the news and the other guy would sue. This is either indicitive of us being totally ridiculous and square or this being a joke. :p

Okay I will now stop thinking about this.
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