Gaslighting in the workplace

Any of you clever lot with a interest in psychology/or consulting detectives who can tell me how I can catch/deal / outwit someone in the office who I have scarily realised today is sabotaging me and my work. Things have gone missing from my drawers, important paperwork has been removed thus making me look incompetent and I have a strong gut feeling that important receipts for money that I needed to submit were removed by this person, thereby running the risk of my being made to account for financial errors. I realise this sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person lol but the gut feeling that all these events are now intentional and not me being absent minded has suddenly become possible. As Ive always said just because youre paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you. However I can imagine how the conversation would go with my Manager when I try to explain away what seems like me losing my marbles. :( Feel like Im in a Hollywood B movie about obsessed stalkers that ends in someone being pushed off scaffolding.

Workplace bullying legislation doesn't seem to fit as this ismore insidious and designed to make the person look like they cant do their job and question their judgement. Ive googled but nothing seems helpful? Ive even resorted to looking at spy cameras but that really would be desperate.
Advice anyone please, humourous or otherwise,I'll take anything.

Sounds like Jim's up to his old tricks again. Report him to Toby; Michael's obviously just gonna take his side anyway.
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