I made a T shirt


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i made a t shirt with my musical heroes on it. no graphic design experience.



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Reminds me of ol' timey spirit photography, from séances and such:

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Well one of them is a convicted murder and two of them are dead so i suppose it's all in line


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thought it was Leonard Cohen. Could be also.
He definitely pulled a gun on Debbie Harry and she said it was his "thing" so he probably did that with a lot of other people...


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Yeah Debbie and Chris Stein actually went up to his mansion, Phil was was trying to persuade them to work with him, Debbie said he played some of the Cohen stuff to them, from Death of a ladies man.

Wish they would at least remaster that, if not remix it.
He also made Debbie sing Ronettes songs all night long although she didn't want to because she wanted to rest her voice. Her recollection made it sound like a very unpleasant experience.

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Fun fact- Phil Spector was in prison for killing Lana Clarkson.
Never considered wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a murderer on it...

I don’t think I’d call that a fun fact.

Though as bizarre and tragic as what took place, the world of music
would be a lot poorer if Phil wasn’t
there early on to contribute and shape it in the way he did.
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