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Anybody else posted about this ??

....So we would imagine that Morrissey won’t be best pleased to hear that Ticketmaster has included
a coupon for a free hamburger at American restaurant chain Denny’s with each ticket for his gig in Los Angeles.....

Read it here:

Of course this is absurd but why should we care? It's ticketmasters fault, who gives a shit what advertisments the yanks have?


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It was in the sun yesterday on gordon smarts page, think he's a bit of a mozza fan,


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I've seem it.. is that really true?

I'm pretty sure it's true. I just recently went to see another band through Ticketmaster and they had the same Denny's free burger coupon. So I would imagine it quite possibly could be the same for Moz tickets. I hate both of them. Ticketmaster and Denny's. Gross.


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Well, even the most devoted Moz fans aren't vegetarians, fans already know how much this upsets Moz, maybe they won't use the coupons, LOL. I hope he doesn't cancel the gigs cause of this.
The only tickets I received so far are for Ventura and there is no Denny's coupon in mine.


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The only tickets I received so far are for Ventura and there is no Denny's coupon in mine.

I just got my Ventura tickets as well and didn't get a Denny's coupon. And yesterday I picked up my Pomona tickets as well and those didn't have one either. Maybe it varies from where you get them or print them out? I know the show I recently went to, I printed the ticket from an email and it had the coupon.


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It happened in Edinburgh in 1995 - there was a MacDonalds two for one offer on the back...
He still played the gig tho.
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