Is Coronavirus as serious as they say?


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brett weinstein talks here about the absolute risk reduction of the vaccines. the whole idea of the vaccines being 95% effective or whatever is based on the assumption that 100 out of 100 people not vaccinated will get covid and that is egregiously false.

Thanks for the video, even though the lady was clearly at a loss explaining her data and the guy wasn't really willing (able?) to do her job, so he just came up with his conclusions which "coincidentially" matched his agenda.

But there is something to learn from the material anyways, namely that the pharma industry prefers talking about a drug's efficacy (Relative number) by only looking at the infected people. One person of 100 gets sick in the vaccinated group, and two in the placebo (unvaccinated) group. So, the drug is 50% efficient. But the interesting point is of course that only two out of 100 people get sick anyway, so the infection risk is 2%.
With the flu, btw, the average infection rate is 2-5%, and this number is based on pre-covid times when people didn't wear masks, etc.

There is an online risk-calculator by the Max-Planck-Institut which allows you to calculate your personal risk of getting corona infected in specific situations with one infected person present: (only in German)

So, for example, you can type in if or what mask the person is wearing, how long you've been there, whether you deal with a virus-mutation, how often they are airing the room, etc.

One example: Supermarket, the infected person only wears a cloth face mask, almost no airing possible, 30 people present, virus-mutation, and some infectious folks were in the room before:

The likelihood a specific person gets infected is 0,021 %, the likelihood that at least one gets infected is 0.63%.

When the person is a superspreader, the percentage gets up to 6.1%.

At a party with 30 people, and no superspreader, the percentage is 20%.

Interestingly enough, the numbers are rising dramatically for offices and classrooms, even though airing is possible there.

With folks not wearing masks any longer after having been double-jabbed, the infection rate would go up to even 95% in the worst case scenario.


I have to spin this a bit further.

One thing the guy in the video said was that we need to find out if the risk-value calculation works out for us personally. The "risk" for him is the possible danger of the vaccine (which, according to him, is downplayed) and the value is what we personally gain from being jabbed. I would say the "value" part also includes our personal "risk for infection". The lower our personal risk for infection or getting seriously sick, the lesser the value of a vaccination. That's probably the reason why the personal risk for infection for unvaccinated people is not made transparent enough. At least this is my impression.

There are other factors too that influence the "value" of a vaccination for us, which are not really personal but more community oriented, if we perceive ourselves as soldiers in a medical war against the virus, for example. "You might die, but thanks for your contribution, brave soldier at the home front."
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It's not looking good for us unvaccinated. The pressure keeps mounting to get jabbed. I watch the mainstream media and it's frightening, seeing our health authority figure Bonnie Henry say we ALL have to get the vaccines.

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Having first said that ‘passports’ would be required for nightclubs only. Then nightclubs and sports venues with more than 20k in attendance only. Then nightclubs, stadiums and universities only. Dominic Rabb has just said the government is now looking to extend the passport scheme to ‘other venues’. So we’ll need one to get in anywhere basically.
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