It Happens Every Time - B side " It's Over " in any format ?


I am not BBC scum
I did.
For people asking (all here long enough to have asked for previous recordings and have seen my previous responses when asked), I don't possess a record player to record it - it is in storage.
I find it ridiculous that certain people have tried the water on a stone approach to getting a track when that particular bit of information has been stated many times in the past. Similarly, I find it sad that given the things I've shared, people would think there's any reason I wouldn't if I had the means to do so - I don't hold on to things and have shared as much as possible over the years. People like Adhouse et al all helped previously with rips and any store bought digital has been shared by myself the very second it's available. Some kind private donators also share with me and that gets put up the very second I get it too. The response to a new track coming out I'd expect of people here is: 'oh, if he hasn't put it in the download section, he probably hasn't got the means to share it yet'.
The amount of nonsense yesterday (and the unessessary work it created) regarding the B-side is enough to put me off all together to be honest.
Well, I didnt mean any disrespect , I didnt realize you had no record player available .you always shar, not just music but advice and info and that's why I was asking. Sorry if I offended you it wasnt my intentions at all


Always great work FWD.


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So many idiots and trolls on so low, but there are still many real fans here, who still care for Morrissey til his last day on earth. Please keep on the good work FWD, we care! Merry X-Mas!


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The Morrissey tradition where he puts some of the better tracks as B-sides/bonus tracks continues, this definitely should've been on the album instead of Lenny's Tune or When You Close Your Eyes
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