Morrissey on "Berlin Live" ARTE tv stream (Oct. 11, 2017) reminder / reports


Alma Matters / I Wish You Lonely / Speedway / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Istanbul / Spent The Day In Bed / Home Is A Question Mark / My Love, I'd Do Anything For You / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / The Bullfighter Dies / All The Young People Must Fall In Love / When You Open Your Legs / Meat Is Murder / Back On The Chain Gang

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  • Image from budti / Instagram. Link posted by an anonymous person.

  • Review: Morrissey live in Berlin – Der 100-Prozent-Mann by Sassan Niasseri - Rolling Stone. Link posted by an anonymous person.
  • Nachlese: Morrissey live in Berlin by Dirk Hartmann - INTRO. Link posted by lanterns.

Frida54 writes:

When I heard that Morrissey was going to at an Arte Channel secret Berlin show to be taped I signed up for their audience guest list and although all tickets were taken, I received this today...

Liebe Berlin live Community

Für alle, die keinen Platz für die Aufzeichnung mit Morrissey am 11.10 ergattern konnten, ein kleines Trostpflaster:

Arte Concert zeigt den gesamten Auftritt live im Internet.

Unter folgendem Link könnt ihr das Morrissey Konzert in Echtzeit ab ca. 18.50 Uhr mitverfolgen.
Solltet ihr morgen Abend schon was anderes vorhaben, wird der Stream unter diesem Link für 24 Stunden in der Mediathek abrufbar bleiben.

Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß beim Ansehen und Mitsingen!

Google Translate to English:

For all those who could not get any space for the recording with Morrissey on the 11th, a small consoling patch:

Arte Concert shows the entire performance live on the Internet.

In the following link, you can follow the Morrissey concert in real time from about 6:50 pm.

Should you have something else tomorrow evening, the stream will be available for 24 hours in the media library under this link.

We wish you lots of fun while singing and singing!

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Black Eyed

Isn't he gorgeous !!
Loved Home is a Question Mark. World Peace is None of Your business now, sounds great :) Oooh he's talking to the crowd now !!!

Viva Mozza

You're the one for me
"f*** AFD, f*** Nazis" from the crowd

Viva Mozza

You're the one for me

Viva Mozza

You're the one for me
All the young people ...


Whoever it was that said that the first 1:30 of All The Young People... is good but then it just becomes trash from there on nailed it. I mean, the lyrics are absolutely dire. So bad. But the music is at least something interesting ... for about 1:30.

Viva Mozza

You're the one for me
To which he replied: "Don't pretend to be rebellious, I've seen your type before."

Oh, the irony.

But this was after he asked: "Do you like Angela Merkel? Yes you do, don't pretend ....... and so on
low in high school info

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