Morrissey on the cover of Urban Life | April 2011


Jeff Buckley Is God

Saw this before in town, but didn't get a copy because it was in some random bar/restaurant..

so anyone in Manchester this week, pick up a copy if you see it!

Or read it online


My one true love
Can anyone pick up a few extra copies? I will pay for postage, etc. Thanks!

Virgil Tracy

Good Evening West 'am!
I'm off to Manchester this weekend and will grab some copies.

I'm off to watch West Ham beat Man City before you ask......


I live in Manchester so if I see any, I'll grab a handful if anyone wants some.

Didn't see any today though, when I was in town. Where abouts will I find them? I didn't recall seeing them near the usual M.E.N stands.


My one true love
Was anyone able to get extra copies? I will pay postage, etc. etc.

alcoholic afternoons

You know I was referring to that photoshop overdose/disaster, right?
Morrissey is almost unrecognizable!! I actually like his wrinkles.
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