my 2010 #1 solo crush

Who should be my online crush here be on?

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Re: my new #1 solo crush

Gee, thanks. :p

Oh, I don't know anything about you, so I didn't intend any offense towards you... :)

...yet. :lbf:


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Re: my new #1 solo crush

I'm not on this poll. I feel cool.


I have several crushes. I think they know who they are.

btw, you forgot to add one of my crushes. Her name starts with a K.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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Um, how old is biru? That's creeeepy Robby.

There can only be one crush we all agree on... Morrissey.

I do not reveal people's ages if I can help it, but Biru is able to legally drink in the USA, so you do the math, I do not think thats creepy :cool:
nuff said Corrissey, I mean I would have put you on it still, instead maybe
but you dont like me :tears:
thx Silke, the Hikki show is Sunday and I cannot wait!

ps: let the trial continue :D
allegiance2 amberalert optimus prime<3 prize=candy shawnrulz snowy's da best where is emma? who cares? who's amber? who's julia?
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