November 9 Irvine Opener?


Hi, I saw in the tour info section that opening acts were listed for one or two shows. Does that mean the rest of them have no opener? So for this Irvine show, when the ticket says showtime at 8:00, Morrissey is going on at 8:00? Or is there an opener that I'm not seeing anywhere and Morrissey goes on more like at 9ish? Would love to know this info. Thanks!


For the Nov 4 show.....there was a line getting in so I think they started late.
It is standing lower section general admission so first come first serve.
For upper section it is seated, general admission...first come first serve.
Due to the long line they started the pre-show stuff a little late and he went on around 8:55pm

The parking structure is bad...and terrible to get out plan on sitting in car for a while before trying to leave.

I got there at 8:00, got the last spot in the parking structure, got about 7th row upper level off center. Lots of people behind me in line. Got seated about 8:20 I think.
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