Official Birthday Greetings Thread

Its Now the 22nd May 2009.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORRISSEY!!


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Happy birthday and remember life begins at 40 so you've only really had 10 good years..anyway have a great day and try not to drink too much..:D
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Mozzaaaaaaaaaaa!
Happy Birthday to you.

Love PTxx.

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Dearest Morrissey,
I wish you the very best on this lovely day, from the other side of the world, as I sit here playing your records.
Love always,

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Don't forget to drop by to read other greetings and to leave your own.

HAPPY 50TH, MOZ! I love you. :)


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Happy Birthday, Moz!
Thank you for singing what I had no words for. Keep it up, you handsome devil, you - by the way, I'd really like to submit an early application to be your personal SLAVE in the hereafter


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happy birthday morrissey

wish for the moon.
I expect them to arrive on time
to fulfill a promise

te amo


Steven Patrick I Love You
HAPPY BIRHTDAY MY BELOVED MORRISSEY... From the south end of the world... You just don't get a dimension of how incredibly endlessly loved you are... but you are!!! 50 years old and you get everyday more and more handsome and charming... THE MOST HANDSOME AND CHARMING EVER IN THIS WORLD...
Love you from the bottom of my heart. ße happy now, today, tomorrow and always... Beyond death... From Santiago de Chile... Cecilia... Hugs, kisses, hot chocolate and witty conversations for you!!!
(OMG I just don't know how to express what I feel, words fall just too short in meaning and dimension).

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! MOZ i love you and i wish you happiness,good health and a lot of love! thanks for your music and for being an autentic person/`re an original of the species and you`re the most handsome man i have ever seen,your a sexy sexy man,you mean a lot to me...........KISSES AND HUGHS from mexico city.



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Happy Birthday Morrissey! :thumb:
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