Paramore?.......any good?


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Only asking as my 14 year old daughter has gone to see them at Wembley tonight and this is her first non-moz non-me gig......

She left the house in her dr martens and a tartan tutu......and I suddenly feel very old....

* makes a cocoa and settles in for strictly*

Love Alma xxx


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Yeah, I suppose they're ok. They make catchy rock music that's radio friendly. Their vocalist, Hayley Williams was pictured wearing a Morrissey T-shirt on stage, so she gets my vote.


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Hey Alma

My niece liked them too.She`s moved on to Lana Del Rey now.The above poster is correct it`s mainly catchy rock.


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female fronted pop punk bands that are better than paramore include:


the gateway district



there are others, but it's cool that your daughter likes music or whatever i guess.
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