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Mrs Morrissey to you !!!
These are 4 CD promos that I have.
Grim, Beau, WCrisp or Stephane,
are they worth anything ??

I looked on Passion just like mine but couldn't find Billy Budd.
Maybe I didn't look in the right place. Can anyone shed any light
on that , please ? Thanx a lot for your help. :)




The His Masters Voice is the cd that comes in the Viva Hate box set. I'd just buy the box for $100 instead of buying the cd separately, which is worth probably $40-50ish.

My Early Burglary Years $20ish, and the promo singles $10-15ish.

The Billy Budd single can be found on Passions Just Like Mine under Vauxhall & I.

There were 2 US promo singles in 1991, both for Tomorrow. The very rare 1-track was without a background color (black wording on silver disc), the easy to find 2 track was a brown silkscreened disc. Suedehead, Everyday Is Like Sunday, Glamorous Glue, Tomorrow 1-track and Our Frank were without a background color, Boy Racer, Billy Budd, Now My Heart Is Full, The More You Ignore Me, Boxers and Tomorrow 2-track were with a background color.
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Ordinary Mayo

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Billy Budd might be ok, I got the Boxers as a Reprise Promo with a green Background CD. My Tomorrow got a brown back with light yellow print...

Did anyone know how much of these reprise promos exists? I know 6 and have 3:


Billy Budd
Glamerous Glue
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There were 11 Reprise US promo cd singles:

Everyday Is Like Sunday
Our Frank
Tomorrow 1-track
Tomorrow 2-track
Glamorous Glue
The More You Ignore Me
Billy Budd
Now My Heart Is Full
The Boy Racer

A Roys Keen 1 track would be worth about $10.


Mrs Morrissey to you !!!
Beau, thanx a lot for your very knowledgeable answers
and help, as always.
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