Question: What´s the story behind these "Irish" pressings?


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You can't find info on Irish pressings at PJLM because there is no such thing. Smiths 7"s were produced with push-out centres, as Morrissey requested. However a cheaper parallel run with cheaper-to-produce full centre and sometimes thinner sleeve was apparently manufactured for European markets where Rough Trade had no licensing deals. Ireland very likely falls into that category. But nowhere on the record does it say 'Made in Ireland'. They usually state 'Made in England'. Those cheaper editions were also seen in England a few years after the initial release when the initial run had all sold out.

Info about this sort of thing is found in the collectors appendices at PJLM, under 'UK'.



Thanks for the info, Stephane.
BTW I´ve send you a mail with a few scans and info for the collectors index.
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