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After a few more listens:

My Hurling Days 10
What Kind of People 9
Bobby 8
Once I Saw 8
Jim Jim 8
I Am Not A Dog 7
Knockabout 6
Love Is 6
Darling I 6
The Secret Of 6
The Truth 4

Really enjoying album and it's continuing to grow on me.


Girl afraid
After multiple listens:

Jim, Jim falls
Once I saw the river clean
My Hurling days are done
The secret of Music
Love is on its way out
I Am not a dog on a chain
What kind of people live in these houses
Knockabout world
The truth about Ruth
Darling, I hug a pillow

It’s a very enjoyable album. And even my least favourite songs are listenable. Only time will tell were it ranks with other albums.

Morrissey's left nut

After multiple listens I actually really like ‘The secret of music’. I like the grove, I like the quirky lyrics. His voice sounds incredible. And there’s enough going on musically to keep me interested. But I can understand why a lot of fans won’t like it. It is very different and pretty much the opposite of a traditional Moz song. But I like different, every now and then.
It reminds me of The Creatures, stylistically.


first impressions

jim jim falls // 8
love is on the way out // 7
bobby don’t you think they know? // 7
i am not a dog on a chain // 8
what kind of people live in these houses?// 8.5
knockabout world // 7.5
darling, i hug a pillow // 8
once i saw the river clean // 8
the truth about ruth // 6
the secret of music // 7
my hurling days are done // 8.5


mr pickles

A pleasant surprise for me. Darling I Hug A Pillow I thought was really sweet, I love it when moz sings more softly and romantically.


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This album is certainly OK by me.
Stand - out tracks for me:
- My hurling days are done : the words are really touching and the musical wrapping is delicious.
- What kind of people live in these housse? Brings back the better times of Morrissey in the late 80s and I can't resist.
- Bobby don't you think the y know? it does''tout sound like anything he has done before, love the saxophone, the groove, Thelma's voice and the borderline bombast now, but it took me a while.
- Jim Jim Falls: without any doubt the catchiest tune on this album.
- I am not a dog on a chain : I love how the song evolves from something playful and innocent into something more dramatique. Lyrically, it is vintage late Morrissey and candid, his opinion more than mine.

The album looses some steam on the second half, but by the time the closing track ends, I know that I want to listen again. Which means that the lesser tunes come nowhere near the recent lows of LIHS. That's a relief.


On Timeout
1) Gwyneth Doesn’t Take Sugar
2) It’s My Right To Call Her The N Word
3) I’ve Had a Fall
4) Bridlington Has Flooded
5) Fat Brenda’s In Between Abortions
6) Don’t Let Them Stop You Being A c***
7) The Primary School Has Asbestos
8) I Like That Boy From Malta
9) There’s A Sweet In My Pocket (Come and Have a Rummage)
10) Thank God I’m White


  1. I Am Not a Dog on a Chain
  2. What Kind of People Live in These Houses?
  3. Darling, I Hug a Pillow
  4. Once I Saw the River Clean
  5. Love is On its Way Out
  6. Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?
  7. Jim Jim Falls
  8. The Truth About Ruth
  9. Knockabout World
  10. The Secret of Music


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What I've found interesting, after a few album listens, is how the first 3 released songs (Bobby, Love, Knockabout) sound really fresh & fit really well when the album is listened to as a whole, meaning I appreciate the quality of them more so than I might have done originally, particularly with Love.


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Right, I've stewed over this, & after maybe 6-8 plays through Sonos at various volumes, and through headphones...here's my thoughts so far, subject to change obviously:
  1. My Hurling Days Are Done 10.00+
  2. What Kind Of People Live in These Houses? 10.00
  3. Darling, I Hug a Pillow 9.75
  4. Bobby, Don't You Think They Know? 9.75
  5. Jim Jim Falls 9.75
  6. Knockabout World 9.50
  7. The Secret Of Music 9.00
  8. Once I Saw The River Clean 9.00
  9. Love Is On Its Way Out 9.00
  10. I Am Not A Dog On A Chain 8.75
  11. The Truth About Ruth 7.50*
Average overall rating: 9.25

+Hurling is the best track for me in excess of the 10 score, hence 10+.
* I've really tried to like Ruth, but for me it's the runt of the litter

Overall, I think it's an excellent album, & I found it hard to score, so had to get to decimal point scoring, but the main observation is Moz's voice; it's absolutely & brilliantly superb throughout. Well done Moz, & thanks.


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After the first listen, apart from the 3 tracks already available of course:

1. My Hurling Days Are Done
2. Once I Saw The River Clean
3. I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
4. Love Is On Its Way Out
5. What Kind Of People Live In These Houses
6. Knockabout World
7. Darling, I Hug My Pillow
8. Jim Jim Falls
9. Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know
10. The Truth About Ruth
11. The Secret Of Music

I was initially very impressed with them all except The Secret Of Music, which will require a further listen or two, The Truth About Ruth didn’t completely grab me first time either.

Jim Jim Falls suffers the usual issue where I have been playing the live version quite a bit and now I need to adapt to the studio version. I think I have been playing Bobby a little too much lately also, although I am not tired of it, I naturally want to hear the other tracks before it now.

Ugly Devil

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I do really like Once I Saw The River Clean... but, is no one gonna address the fact it doesn't have a chorus?


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I do really like Once I Saw The River Clean... but, is no one gonna address the fact it doesn't have a chorus?

No some people are more concerned about the application of site censorship whereby that gif was removed. Yu know at the request of a certain somebody.
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