Rihanna Row!


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The violent row that left pop princess Rihanna in hospital was sparked by her singer boyfriend Chris Brown flirting with British star Leona Lewis, it has been claimed.


The Mirror quotes a witness at a pre-Grammy awards party as saying: "Rihanna saw Chris flirting. He and Leona were laughing, and Rihanna saw his hand on the small of her back. It was totally innocent, but that set Rihanna off."

Rihanna and Brown then left the party at the Beverly Hills Hilton and drove off in Brown's Lamborghini sports car, before the alleged assault that left Rihanna bloody, bruised and bitten.

The paper quoted sources close to 23-year-old X Factor winner Leona as confirming that she had been chatting to Brown at the party, but that she had done nothing to spark the incident.

The source said: "Leona is very happy with her boyfriend Lou and it was totally innocent on her behalf. She wasn't flirting."


Another report claimed that Rihanna had also been angered by a text from another woman, not Leona, on Brown's mobile before the incident.

Brown has been charged with making criminal threats over the incident and is on bail. Police confirmed Barbadian Rihanna had visible injuries and had identified Brown as her attacker.

Brown has hired celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos, who has defended Michael Jackson.

Some US radio stations have imposed a boycott on Brown's records following the incident.

What a sorry state of affairs! :crazy:

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I heard on the radio that the 2 of them were scheduled to perform at the Grammys that night but had to cancel last minute because she was injured in his ass was in jail. Before the news broke they claimed she was in a "fender bender" and unable to perform.

I wonder why she is with him. He's not even hot! And look at her!!!:confused: If I were her I never would have left Shai Labeouf :love:


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I'm boycott this douchebag's records. It's pretty easy to do, considering that I've never even heard of him.

I'm so glad it's not just me...I'll happily join the boycott too....who the hell is he?! :o

I'm sure Rihanna will have no shortage of men willing to share her umbrella...ella...ella! :p

Love Alma xxx
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Yeah. Chris Brown needs to go down, now.

Rihanna's been one of the only artists with consistently good pop singles for a while, and I've been a fan of her's for a long time. So I've kept pretty close attention to this. There are some reports that she wants go get back with him though. Goodness I hope not. We don't need another Ike and Tina.

I'm kinda worried about her new album. He was supposed to have written a bunch of songs for her, so I'm wondering it she'll keep them. On one hand I don't want him to get any money from her success but then the songs will probably be pretty awesome, so... yeah.


He's not exactly much of a catch anyway!Really ugly.


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It's really unfortunate that things went down the way they did. Whatever happened to her shouldn't have happened. Chris Brown's career is over. Haha. He mildly reminds me of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Hahah.


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Guilty in the court of public opinion already, I see.

Nobody knows what happened or who initiated the incident. It could have well been self defense. All we have is 'alleged' reports from gossip rags who print any rumour or speculation.

I also find it funny that because this guy was accused of something people are already saying they would or will boycott him. If she had been accused of hitting him or assaulting him, would you boycott her and hope her career tanks?

The double standard express is now leaving hypocrite station, all aboard!


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Yes. Actually I'm going a good job of boycotting both of them, as I don't listen to either of them. :D

Neither do I, but I wouldn't wish any particular ill on a person based on speculation either.

In situations like this, when a man is accused of abuse or rape, he is immediately assumed to be guilty in public opinion and people either wish physical harm on them or hope their career or business tanks if they are successful, regardless of whether they actually did it or not, simply based on an accusation alone.

You never see people wishing harm on a woman if she is accused of abuse or violence. If Rhianna had hit him for whatever reason we would hear the shouts of 'gurl power' for miles and she would have a new single about female empowerment out within a month.

It's a horrible double standard and just the thought that people are convicted in our minds before they even get a fair shot at justice is disgusting and the double standard that exists is even more sickening.
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