Shelagh Delaney has died

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Fascinating. Thank you.

I'm sorry to hear of her passing. Perhaps her restlessness will feel more natural to her now without having to deal with a body. ;)
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Very sad indeed.

Thank you very much for giving us the insight of ordinary people's lives in Salford and RIP.


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I was truly shocked and saddened to hear this news on the car radio coming home from work. Her influence on Morrissey's early work, even his desire to write in the first place, cannot be under estimated. Her contribution to women's writing and impact on working class art cannot be over emphasised and must be remembered.

Truly sad news. RIP.

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Most of the articles about her passing mention The Smiths and Morrissey e.g. - , , .

Radio dj Paul McLoone acknowledged her on his show by playing This Night Has Opened My Eyes, adding that The Smiths "would have been a very different beast, musically" absent Shelagh Delaney, an unruly girl who would not settle down, thank God. R.I.P.


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Morrissey's comment on TTY


A genuine poet has passed through the world. Shelagh Delaney exercised a wide influence with the shock of plain language, and shafts of satiric wit, into a severe and donnish 1950s world where working-class people had thus far been assumed to be simplistic, flag-waving cannon-fodder. Her writing was a magnificent confession of life as it was commonly lived in her hometown of Salford, with all of its carefully preserved monotony. She was attacked for immorality, which, then as now, is proof that you have hit on something.
'A Taste of Honey' was a sentiment that had not been expressed before its time - far more real than life.
It was the Salford of sagging roofs, rag and bone men, walk-up flats, derelict sites, rear-entrance buses, and life in tight circumstances.
Shelagh Delaney did not become fat with success, or become a celebrity, because she was of richer intellect.
She has always been a part of my life as a perfect example of how to get up and get out and do it. If you worry about respect you don't get it. Shelagh Delaney had it and didn't seem to notice it.

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Wonderful tribute from Moz - expected yes, but touching nonetheless. Moz wouldn't have been the writer he is without her influence, and the Smiths would certainly have been poorer for it.


She basically gave Morrissey the best ever lyrics for The Smiths debut, so it's a great shame she has passed away.

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Wonderful tribute from Moz - expected yes, but touching nonetheless. Moz wouldn't have been the writer he is without her influence, and the Smiths would certainly have been poorer for it.

It is indeed a lovely and touching tribute. It's proof that Morrissey still has a wonderful way with words and a sharp intellect.
It's hard to believe that his lyrics are generally so poor these days when you see him write with such insight, expression and subtlety.


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This is odd as I was only sat watching a taste of honey with my mum last week in the terraced house in Salford where I was brought up. My mum kept getting annoyed when every five minutes or so i said did you know Morrissey used that line or he was influenced by that etc. Shelagh passing is a sad day indeed for Salford and this is coming from a proud Salfordian who remembers the rag and bone man and cobbled streets, believe it or not I am only 32 but thats Salford for you and Shelagh portrayed it better than anyone ever could/will RIP
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