Morrissey Central "Shere Hite" (October 1, 2020)

Shere Hite

1942 - 2020

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I Reckon

Me estas acosando loco de mierda
Que te esta pasando en tu vida porque te metes conmigo ?
Hablas de mi como si Morrissey me conociera y me odiara,el no sabe de mi existencia ni de la tuya no le importa ninguna persona de aqui ,el osea Mr Morrissey odia el sitio el odia el Solo
Yo soy your God, not Mozzzzzzzzzz.

Love Bird

The more I dig into it, the more crazy it is.

But I'm spotting a theme - he's always indefensible & he's always finally stopped being ambiguous. Till the next time.

So I'm guessing that's the root of the problem.

They want to pin & mount him like a butterfly.

& he's writing to say, in a gentle way, thank you, but no.
...the FAAAAAAAAK are you on about?
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