Sizzy Rocket - "Morrissey" video features Smiths hook


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Published on Aug 19, 2014
Impostor Films Presents: MORRISSEY
Directed & Edited by:
Agent #1 & Agent #2
B-roll Directed by: Sizzy Rocket
Filmed by:
Erin Whitney in NYC
Agent #1 in LA

Grace Kelly
Hellena Marie
Charlotte Wimberley
Tilly (cat)
Sizzy Rocket as Bart Simpson
Special thank you to Dani Miller

Music by: The Co-Stars
Written by: Sizzy Rocket (with original hook by The Smiths)
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This is just pure shite, very little to do with Morrissey besides the name of the song and the little chorus from his Smiths work. What a crock of crap, festered with horrid lyrics and annoying beat

Sorry to anyone who somehow manages to like it... no, I'm Not Sorry


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More songs named Morrissey:

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