Somebody call the NRA, the gunshow is in town


My secret's my enzyme.
This is ridiculous. Are my arms obese because light hits a pocket of fat at a certain angle?





I tried kissing my gun but I couldn't reach since a portion of my neck is made out of plastic and screws. :D

RB's standard of "fat" hate is unnatural. I hope people aren't paying attention to her or agreeing with her. There was nothing wrong with purse lady's arms. She probably weighs HALF what I weigh and there's nothing wrong with my arms. :squiffy: Other than my killer Farmer's Tan.

I have calcium deposits on my elbows, that's why they're pointy like a leprechan. The doctor said when they get bad they can shave them off. My body is breaking down fast.
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My secret's my enzyme.
Also in case anyone wants pointers on how to achieve the perfect Farmer's Tan, it's by doing this: :D PM me for a personalized step-by-step tutorial.

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