"Spent The Day In Bed" - new single debuts on BBC Radio 2 / The Chris Evans Show (Sep. 19)

Thought it was ok, not amazing but just ok. It'll grow on me I think. Bit thin and jingly jangly, I prefer more power in his songs. It's a start I suppose...


Here comes the campaign.

It sounds fresh, I enjoyed it immensely and have the appearance of a Cheshire Cat. I'm beaming. Which I never do. It's the right kind of track for airplay.

What exactly were you expecting?



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I liked it, it was quite catchy but listening in the office was tricky, I will listen again later today.

I wonder if Uncle Peter booked the morning off work just so he could diss the new single with a load of anonymous accounts...


It's awful. I feel so bad for him. What happened? What goes on in his head when he reads over his lyrics? What makes him think they're good? They're not even mediocre, they're SHIT! And he drones, such limited melody. The way he emphasised 'BOSS', in fear of the poor listener thinking he was just repeating 'BUS' was so contrived.

The music was predictably shite, but it was still better than the lyrics and vocal 'melody'.

Lead single?! Loloload of shite.


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I thought It was very good,needs more listens definitely but thought his voice was upfront,usual weird scfi sounds coming through but it had the classic Morrissey voice going high and low.evans said it was out at 8.30 this morning.


I LOVE it!! :rock:

the only thing i wasnt too keen on was the line "i love my bed". that strikes me as kind of a silly thing to sing.


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It's lyrically very weak, "i love my bed", "i between sheets in paid for...", "highway, freeway, motorway", "emasculation, castration".
He could also have gone "no boss, no bus, no fuss"...

It's embarrassing, i cannot believe that Boz with his musical culture can be at ease with this kind of thing. This is elevator music.

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