Stop me if you think you've heard this one before

Gregor Samsa

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What is this song about? The lyrics, I mean... Been trying to figure it out for some time now, but with no luck.
Anyone else got a clue?



It's fairly obvious that it's about a man who is making an excuse to his girlfriend/wife (?) that he had an accident and unable to see her when they're supposed to meet, but I'm not sure that he might be lying to her...:o


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For all the constant talk about songs Morrissey has written about Johnny Marr I'm amazed no one has ever brought this one up.

A bloke constantly gets drunk and lies to his wife/girlfriend about it.

Johnny has talked plenty of times about how he drank far too much while he was in The Smiths. I'm sure at some point he tried to conceal this from his wife.

Morrissey was his best friend. ;)

Of course I'm sure Andy and Mike (and many of The Smiths crew) had girlfriends at the time too and were prone to the same obfuscations.


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yes, it's definitely about a cheating, drinking husband that makes up the most stupid excuses to his wife. but someone on also suggested that there is a second element in it: he beats his wife and she also lies about it at the hospital and still loves him, just a little bit less. interesting thought.
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