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You don't often see 'I partied with him recently. He's fun to cocktail with' about Morrissey. 😁


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Lovely. Chris Heath is something of a long-term literary hero. {There was a time in the '90s when all í wanted to be, badly, was Chris Heath}.

Add in prime visualist Russell & Smiths book bloke Tony and this should be a good weekend listen... accepting all the usual provisos du jour.


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I'm reading a book about how humans have treated other species throughout history, and Meat is Murder came up.

"Nearly fifty years after Animal Liberation, the argument still rages, welfare versus rights. It has not always been subtle. 'Before they're roasted in garlic and rosemary,' ran the headline on an RSPCA advertisement in 1996, 'they're soaked in urine and excrement.' Hold your nose and pass the mint sauce. The most strident voices came from America, where the radical campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as Peta, emblazoned its 'Meat is Murder' slogan on advertisements, billboards, T-shirts and a 1985 album by The Smiths. Peta refused to be inhibited by anything like conventional good taste. When the police in Chicago published the city's homicide figures in 2017 - six hundred and fifty dead - its response was So what? Why obsess about such a tiny cull of humans when animals across the world were being murdered in their billions? To underscore the message, it published an alluring photograph of a woman's leg, garnished on a plate ready for the carver. 'Meat is Murder'. Prime cuts from female bodies were a hallmark of Peta's determination to shock. Posters showed a scantily clad Pamela Anderson with her body labelled as joints of meat: leg, round, rump, ribs, shoulder, breast. Another campaign flaunted a bevy of supermodels amply fulfilling their promise that 'We'd rather go naked than wear fur.' Stunts included swimsuited women at the Wimbledon tennis championships handing out strawberries with vegan cream, and a semi-naked young woman in Kerala, India, painted to look like barbecued meat. As everyone in the advertising industry knows, nothing sells like sex. But not everyone welcomed this approach. The fact that Peta's founder, Ingrid Newkirk, was a woman did not appease the feminists. 'Put your breasts away, Peta. Your cheap stunts do nothing for animal welfare,' said a headline in the Guardian, ignoring the fact that Peta's interest lay in animal rights, not welfare. Other critics denounced the charity as misogynistic, 'vile' and 'hate-filled'. They argued that the intended message of the breast-and-leg imagery, that attractive women are literally made of the same stuff as steak and cutlets, could not justify the conflation of sexualisation with the exploitation of animals. But who cared? In a world already saturated with sexual imagery, moral outrage was not likely to be aroused by yet another breast or bottom. Love it or loathe it, Peta now claims to be the biggest animals rights organisation in the world, with a membership of six-and-a-half million."

The book is called The Longest Story, by Richard Girling

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