Suede - Studio Albums 1993 to 2016


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Was just sent a link to this webpage:

At £104 for a 10 disc boxset, I couldn't say no even if it would have been nice to have Sci-Fi Lullabies included. Whilst the webpage claims the boxset is limited to 1,000 copies but there is no mention of this on the Amazon webpage? I am a real sucker for limited coloured vinyl.

Demon Records certainly abuse the Suede back catalogue:

01.11.2010 – The Best of Suede [2xCD]
16.04.2011 – The Drowners / To the Birds [7″] {RSD exclusive}
30.05.2011 – Suede [2xCD+DVD]
06.06.2011 – Dog Man Star [2xCD+DVD]
13.06.2011 – Coming Up [2xCD+DVD]
20.06.2011 – Head Music [2xCD+DVD]
27.06.2011 – A New Morning [2xCD+DVD]
24.03.2012 – Royal Albert Hall, 24 March 2010 [2xCD+2xDVD] {Suede website exclusive}
21.10.2013 – The Vinyl Collection [11xLP]
17.02.2014 – from ‘Suede’ to ‘A New Morning’ {standalone LP releases from the aforementioned box}
14.04.2014 – 7″ Singles [24×7″] & CD Singles [24xCD+DVD]
19.04.2014 – Let Go / Heroin [7″] {RSD exclusive}
12.05.2014 – Sci-Fi Lullabies [2xCD]
21.05.2014 – Royal Albert Hall, 24 March 2010 [2xCD+DVD]
26.05.2014 – CD Albums [8xCD]
09.06.2014 – Royal Albert Hall, 24 March 2010 [3xLP]
20.10.2014 – Dog Man Star [7″+3×12″+MC+2xCD+DVD+BD] {20th anniversary edition}
18.04.2015 – Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Live [2xLP] {RSD exclusive}
01.06.2015 – Suede [CD] {Edsel Classics edition}
04.09.2015 – Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Live [4xLP+2xCD] & [CD]
02.10.2015 – Dog Man Star [CD] {Edsel Classics edition}
30.09.2016 – Coming Up [2xLP] & [10″+4xCD+DVD] {20th anniversary edition}
17.06.2017 – Suede [LP] {HMV exclusive gold vinyl}
30.03.2018 – Suede [4xCD+DVD] {25th anniversary edition}
21.04.2018 – Suede [2xLP] {25th anniversary RSD exclusive silver vinyl}
16.06.2018 – Dog Man Star [2xLP] {HMV exclusive olive green vinyl}
14.09.2018 – Suede [2xLP] {25th anniversary standard black vinyl}

* nicked from someone else so may be incomplete.


I did get that boxset from a few years ago that included Sci-Fi lullabies on vinyl. It was random too. I was spammed by a super deluxe edition email and have been a follower ever since. haha


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Just seen, the coloured vinyl is no longer available on Amazon. Now, it is £128 for black vinyl. Luckily I'm not a huge Suede collector so I don't feel compelled to order the black vinyl version as well ;-)
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