Tower Theatre - Philadelphia April 6th


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you wonder with a three day layoff between Richmond and Philly if maybe a DC show will be added? It wasn't hit on the first part of the US hall and when he played there last in 2009 the show at The National Theatre was packed.


Moz is the reason
i'll try on friday at 10am and nothing! row DD so i didn't buy it! i really want to be close so i got a ticket on stubhub but i spend more than $400 for a BBB in the left side, now i have one month to do lots of overtime in my job to pay back the money to my cousin and get in off money for the train from NY, probably that's gonna be my last chance to see him, after that who knows (sorry about my english, i'm learning the language)


i'm going to apply for a job there so i can get pit. you know, wear my moz shirt under the uniform and change while He comes out.


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Sometimes the best decisions are made for you. After having AAA PIT for Reading, PA and it was such a brilliant night, I toyed with going the stubhub route and getting PIT for Philly although I knew my bank account would hate me. I planned on buying mine this weekend and alas, woke up to see the news Morrissey cancelled the tour. I guess that it was meant to be - for me at least. I do feel so bad for those who are missing out. Hope he feels better soon - poor guy!
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