Welsh Miners


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I am in no way a political animal....not really my bag AT ALL....but I am feeling sad and angry...

David Cameron has just been on the news offering his "deepest sympathies" to the families of the miners who died in a Welsh coal mine yesterday.

One of the poor men who drowned hundreds of feet underground digging out coal was 62 years old.

What the hell is wrong with this bloody country when a man of 62 is down a colliery digging out coal to eek out a living?

My children's Grandad is 62 (and is currently fighting his own battle with cancer)

This is a disgrace...and Cameron (a so-called Morrissey fan) ought to be bloody ashamed.

Love Alma xxx
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I agree with you completely, a 62 year old man still having to do this to scrape together a living. That's the system for you! RIP the 4 unfortunate people who lost their lives in this tragedy.
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