What are your origins?


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Half Scottish (on my father's side)

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My Mum's cousin did some digging and we can trace via Irish maternal surnames that we may have been the bastard children of priests! Meanwhile, my sister has found a woman with our paternal (Scots-Viking) surname who she says looks a lot like me (and who is newly enthralled to have our cut-throats and gallows-apples amongst her heritage.) Meanwhile, my lack of skill with throwing pots (see Celts, Parisi tribe, Holderness) makes me think I'm a genetic survivor of William the Conqueror's Harrowing of the North.

Britons! Did you know that the people to whom we refer as "Ancient Britons" were Andalucean in origin? They were slight, dark-haired, dark-eyed with narrow faces. There are still pockets of typical Andalucian stock in Wales and Ireland....


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My father's family came to America from England (Scotland before that) in 1701, my mother's from Germany in 1726.

So, here I sit. :)


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German, Danish, Welsh, English, Irish-Scotch, and a touch of Hungarian. Both parents from the midwest (Wisconsin and Illinois). Now I'm in California.

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Dad's side - Irish/Northern
Mum's side - Romani gypsies who descend from Ireland and came to live in the North West of English, but her father was a Scottish bloke.

All in all I've got a little button nose, a stocky build, a mixture of hair colouring, a Northern accent and a devotion to Guinness.


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Polish blood, Polish heart...
Ever since mid 1700s. Only my grand grandfather's second wife was Italian.


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Mine hail from Wrocław too. :)

Gdansk, but my grandparents from mom's side were from today's Lithuania and Belarus (stilll they were 100% Polish), my grandfather from dad's side was Kashubian and his mother is from central Poland (Łowicz). WW II mixed their whole world up.


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Alot of people think i'm foreign (Portugese, Spanish, Greek etc)

but my origins is Tipperary, Ireland and Salford, England.

Irish Blood, English Heart.


Alot of people think i'm foreign (Portugese, Spanish, Greek etc)

but my origins is Tipperary, Ireland and Salford, England.

Irish Blood, English Heart.

It's just because the Irish gene pool is very close form the Basque and Portugese gene pool. Ireland, Wales coast and Scotland were almost completely populated by Iberians.


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Well my father’s family relocated from Ireland to Scotland and they were very very Catholic.
My mother’s family were all very 'weird' and were all members of the Orange Order in Glasgow.
Not surprisingly, I abhor religion, although I think I have a very balanced view on religious abhorrence.:)

On the plus side, my hubby’s family were once Vikings:thumb: and my children have a great great great grandfather who was once Lord Provest of Glasgow.
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