Who in the public eye do you find sexually attractive?


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One of them (I think it was Richard) said that they will come back to the US. :)

And MindlessRuffian, SoVeryEntertainig, and Anaesthesine are totally my friends now for liking Rammstein and Till. 'Cept I have to disagree with Anaesthesine on Flake, I like him because he kind of looks like my boyfriend. :o

Hahaha. I sort of agree. I have a bit of a liking for Flake as well:guitar:


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Probably not a popular person to mention on a Morrissey forum but it's Kylie for me. I always thought she was nice but then I met her in person and it was just a case of "wow". She was so lovely too.

Kylie is cool of that there is no doubt. :thumb:

Some more..

Leonard Rossiter Anyone?.............. Anyone? ( Just think about it, let your mind go there)

also Roberto Benigni... his effervescence in real life and on film is very seducing.

Looking at this thread I am discovering lots of new people. I am quite pleased.


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Except for Sacha Baron Cohen I didn't know those guys were Jewish. Thank you, oscillate wildly, for this knowledge that will not in any way help me in life but is nice to know. :thumb:
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