Morrissey Central Young...once (Sep. 16, 2020)

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"photographs provided by Tina Dehghani
middle-finger provided by Fawn Fu
in the past … when all was well."


Elton John has kids. There's still plenty of time for Moz and Damon. 👨‍👨‍👦


The Courage to Get on People's Tits
maybe they are still very close and visit each other regularly.
They probably did see each other regularly before Covid made intercontinental travel almost impossible.
Last time they were photographed together was something like 5 years ago?



The Courage to Get on People's Tits
Yes all Chinese people are the same person.
I anticipated the possibility that some knobhead would make a comment like this. 🙄


Can someone export the images video inspection on desktop and email to [email protected]? Every time I need to save the dumb Sam copyright warning appears.

A Man Escaped

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maybe they are still very close and visit each other regularly.
ms fu can give me the middle finger every day of the week,she a cracker.

Careful Gordy. It'll start with a finger and before you know it, you'll be rushed, face down on a stretcher, to the Accident and Emergency department of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

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Nice pictures.

They seemed to be having a really good time.

I like the idea of Tina and Morrissey getting together again, and raising a "mewling miniature monster" as a family.

Too crazy an idea? Maybe... maybe not.

At this point in Morrissey's life that perspective could bring him some purpose, hope and joy.

Lujissey silly in wanting

[QUOTE = "Lujissey tonta en querer, publicación: 1987323321"]
¡Tengo corazón con pequeños agujeros!💔
¡Santo hombre, ayuda!
Usted no es el viejo señor Morrissey ... ¡¡¡pero no parece entenderlo !!!
I put that Morrissey is not old, it was wrongly translated,but who cares about my translation!!!!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Who is the girl.(mina),that is not Tina Veghani Deghani?
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Don't Leave Us In The Dark
These posts from Moz are like what you would send to a few friends on a WhatsApp group: remember this?
He should be posting updates on releases (he did this recently for upcoming rereleases), future plans, rare songs, this day 20 years ago, and that kind of thing.

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