The ups and downs and the one who rides the wave with you. At this stage of the game for me, you have to know and bare your soul. Take the small moments in which to express yourself, state your needs, ask for theirs and make a commitment to meet in the middle. Sometimes it's very easy, sometimes it's very hard. A constant process. One that has worked well for us.

With our kids like little adults now, my wife and I are exploring a new side of our relationship. Not really new, but one that was more like the way it was before we had kids. We are spending more time together as a couple. We are rediscovering things that are the same from memory and some that are particular to the emotional depth we have as people who have loved each other for a very long time.

The other day I kissed her in the hallway as she caressed my neck. As we slowly separated, our eyes stayed locked together. She said, "I still get butterflies when you kiss me". I melt instantly and tell her I love her with everything.

I think about these things when we are together. Tonight we worked out together. During the workout, I would look across to her, knowing that with grace, I can honor her love for me.

Almost 50 now, and at 25, I could not have predicted this, nor would I say I deserved it.



What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. I have taken a long respite from this site, but you were always one of my favorite posters. I have to say that I am more than a bit jealous of those, such as yourself, who are able to find love, and keep love in their life. In addition to sharing a first name, Morrissey and I have lived very similar lives. Both of us unable to connect with one special person and remain in any one location from which to grow roots. "A traveler to the grave" both of us. His song "Unloveable" really spoke deeply to me in my youth, but now that I am your age I see that it is more an incapability to love or accept love on our parts. How sad really. That is why I look at you and other couples that share love and have built a family in sheer awe and wonder. But in some small way I feel cheated of the gene necessary to turn one's self over to the love of another. Thank you again for bringing to light the joys that love can bring, and a wish for health and continued happiness for you and your family!

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