Gawdd#@%*t I'm back.

...Sorry..but leaving this site for good is like trying to quit heroin or's very negative and bad for you but you gotsta have it. Urgh!!
However, i do stand behind the quote from my previous post..."people are always ruining things for you.." This quote came from a book that is now read and studied and graded in most American High Schools and Colleges...try to guess which one (which book)...without consulting Google or any other online source.
Just reminds me of when my Dad would tell me: "people ruin everything.."
...yes they do..but there are a few people in the crowd that ultimately try to make life better for everyone..but i can hear my Dad...and myself..say: "they'll ruin that, too!" Yep.
For example: The Aurora shooting. I am from Aurora. I spent my early childhood years from ages 2-10 in Aurora. I moved away from there in 1983. I woke up to the news of the shootings feeling somewhat numb at first..then...the reality started to sink in...I realize i moved away from there almost 30 years ago and i should be over it already..but no...i barely left my house for two days and barely ate...this was my childhood home gawddammit. I guess i feel like my childhood home was raped by this monster...and i'm sorry..but he is a f***ing condolences to the couple who brought him into this world..


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