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A good friend called me and asked me to go out and shoot a rifle match with him. It has been a few years so I grabbed all my gear and had a wonderful day with several people I haven't seen in a few years. I took my M1 Garand as he said it was an old school bunch. Highpower is such a mind f***. Pulling it all together standing/sitting/prone. It is so focused and so relaxed at the same time. That is the key, balancing those to personal perfection.


I am not in the pic

One of the ways highpower has effected me a person.

I was at a high power match several years ago with friends. One of them shot the best off hand (standing) he has ever done. He requested the target be pulled so he could collect it, like hanging it in the garage like a trophy. Another very good shooter told him that he shouldn't put that result on a pedestal by keeping it.

The person said that is only a moment in time that can be improved upon. The best today, is only for today and he should continue with an open mind. That this wasn't a fluke and that he can surpass that for better tomorrow.

Because of this conversation, I think your best currently is not your best. That thinking will only hinder you to an end point. There is never an end point that you can't go higher. I've always remembered the lesson that day about what our best really is. No matter how good today, you have not reached the end, there is more to come.

A very interesting podcast on USA gun rights and how and why the Supreme Court weighed in.



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